Solar Water Heater System Malaysia

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Do you want to have hot water daily without going on board with your electricity expenses? As a homeowner who wishes to have fresh hot water for the household chores or for a business owner who needs hot water for their daily operations, solar water heater systems are the best options available for them to consider.

There are many solar products available for almost any purpose and need. Aside from the best and highest quality solar panel products and FiT program installations, we at Solar System Malaysia also offer solar water heater systems such as Summer, HeatFirst, Meru and Kinetico. These are only a few of the brands that are well-known for efficient solar water heaters and electric storage heaters. What else should you know about solar water heaters?

Why is the Solar Water Heater system a better choice?

One, you have hot water supply throughout the year. Solar water heater systems work all year round. You do not have to be concerned about failing units or expensive maintenance because the heat is sourced from the sunlight.

Second, solar water heater manufacturers made it possible for home and business owners to have hot water without worrying about excessive costs and expenses. As we all know, electricity gets higher because fossil fuels that produce traditional electricity are running out. Solar water heater owners are assured that they will have continuous supply anytime they need it.

And third, by making use of solar water heaters, owners cut their carbon footprint, meaning they reduce the carbon dioxide emissions when they utilize renewable energy for their hot water needs.

How do Solar Water Heaters work?

Solar panels, called collectors, are used. There are two types of solar water heating panels: evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors. These collectors are fitted into the roof to collect heat from the sun for heating water stored in hot water cylinders. Should the heat not be enough according to preference, boilers or immersion heaters may be used to back up the heat.