Solar PV Battery Storage

Solar PV Battery Storage

For many solar systems, batteries are needed both for grid-tied and off-grid installations. Solar PV Battery Storage stores direct current (DC) energy when there’s an excess generated energy by solar modules, and then distribute it back when it’s needed.

Without a battery to store generated energy, you will only get to have power when there’s sunlight or a generator running. For this reason, a back up system may also be required. The following are the four basic types of batteries:

Types of Solar PV Batteries

  • RV/Marine Types – deep cycle battery that are typically for boats and campers as it’s only suitable for small systems.
  • Flooded Types – one of the 3 heavy industrial type batteries; lead acid batteries which have caps to add water;releases gas when charged.
  • Gel Type – another heavy industrial type battery which basically has no vent system and does not release gas during charging unlike flooded types.
  • AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM batteries are usually expensive, but does not leak/spill, and does not release gas when being charged so you basically get what you pay for.

To maintain battery charge, Solar PVs continue to recharge the batteries every day to be able to still provide power supply even during a power failure.

*Note: What is deep cycle battery? Deep cycle batteries are lead-acid batteries. They are often used in off-grid solar & wind power applications. They are designed to be regularly deeply discharged to a greater depth.

Benefits of Solar PV Battery Storage

  • No/less maintenance
  • No pollution
  • Continuous flow of energy power
  • Recharge each day by solar PVs
  • Available in various types for specific applications