Earn  CASH By Generating Your OWN Solar Electricity

checkbox Do you know that  you could now EARN money just by generating renewable energy using a SOLAR POWER SYSTEM?
checkbox Do you know that you could actually sell your generated energy and take advantage of Malaysia's FEED IN TARIFF scheme to earn PROFIT?
checkbox Does your property need to be evaluated by a PROFESSIONAL TEAM that uses only the highest quality equipment to help you save more on on electricity?
checkbox Is your BUDGET a little bit tight and would rather switch to solar in the most COST-EFFECTIVE way without compromising the quality?

Solar System Malaysia is a full-service solar power system solutions provider for homeowners, companies & some other business entities in Malaysia.. We are providing design and consultation, installation and project management, solar financing, and solar monitoring. We also offer EXCELLENT customer support which actually what sets us apart from all the other service providers in the country. And because our team will be working with you all throughout the entire process , we're both assured that the project will run smoothly and of highest professional and engineering quality.


Our process includes:

checkbox Evaluating if your property or your building is a perfect match for solar power.
checkbox Custom design solar power system based on your property or building's unique electrical and architectural characteristics.
checkbox We'll help you in every step of the way to determine your low-cost financing options that will meet your unique needs.
checkbox We'll serve as your single point of contact and we'll be the one to coordinate all activities of your project
checkbox We'll maintain a strong relationship with your equipment distributor or manufacturer to provide you with immediate access to various price discounts.
checkbox After the design has been completed and approved, our professional installation team will build and install your custom-designed solar power system.
checkbox We'll provide you with system monitoring and maintenance to ensure minimized downtime and to extend your system's operating life.

Our company makes sure that your Solar PV System is commissioned TIMELY in accordance to LAWS and REGULATIONS.