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Lowering Your Electricity Bill

Over the years, costs of electricity continue to rise not just in third-world countries, but in many parts of the world as well. This has become one of the major problems a lot people have to face every month. But, why is this happening?

Electricity bill can be extremely high especially if you have to consume a lot of electricity in your home or in your business. But, there are still a few simple measures that you can do yourself to reduce the amount of your monthly bill.

lower electricity bill

How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

  • Pay less – Find out if you can take advantage of the “low-income subsidies” from your electric company; get advice from them on how you can apply for it.
  • Less electricity – Change the way you use your electricity; start off by turning off the appliances or lights that you don’t use; you might also want to switch to compact florescent bulbs (uses less energy) to help save on your electricity expense.
  • Reduce cooling and heating usage – Air conditioners and heaters consume a lot of electricity; so you might want to open your curtains to help warm your house (in the winter) instead of using heaters, or you might want to open your windows (during the summer) for ventilation instead of using air-conditioners.
  • Clean your appliances – Because dirt and other substances may affect your appliances’ performance, you have to regularly clean them to ensure that they work at its best.
  • Use energy-efficient products and appliances – Choose appliances that are designed to use less electricity; you might also want to install solar PVs to be able to generate your own electricity.
  • Unplug – Even when they’re switched off, some appliances and chargers (cell phone chargers, laptop chargers, etc) continue to draw electricity; therefore, unplug these appliances or chargers to avoid unneeded power drain.

Since prices of generating fuel, such as coal, continue to rise, cost of electricity becomes affected – it becomes higher. For this reason, most countries has implemented new electricity bill to provide solution to this ongoing problem. One of the solutions is installing Solar PV Panels. But how does it exactly lowers your bill?

Lowering Your Electricity Bill

Solar PV generates energy from the sun that converts into electricity, which you can use to power your appliances or any devices that needs electricity. It does not need gas or fuel to work, does not need extensive maintenance, and does not need complicated and expensive processes to install. In other words, solar PV is a great investment in the long run because you’re able to generate your own electricity without even have to worry on high-maintenance costs.

When you start to generate your own electricity, you are also starting to significantly lower your bill. The reason for this is that you will no longer be dependent on the electricity coming from the utility company; therefore, you’re hedging against the continuous rise of electricity rates. And although you may still have to draw electricity from the utility grid, it will still be at a much lower rate, thus, allowing you to save more money on electricity expense.

The amount that you can save will depend on your average electricity usage and the size of your system. Remember, the larger your solar system is, the more energy from the sun it generates; and, the more generated energy to convert into electricity, the more electricity you can use within your home or your business.

One other thing about solar PV is that, if in case your system has generated energy more than what your home or business needs, the excess electricity will go directly to the utility grid, by which you can actually sell to your utility company. In this case, while you’re having a chance to lower your electricity bill, you’re also getting a chance to earn profit (See Solar PV Investment Returns for more details). So it’s going to be like a win-win situation on your part.

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