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Supercharge Your Eelectric Car Drive With Super-Fast Electric Charging Stations

Special Offer TODAY For Plug-In Hybrid Car Owners

Did you know that burning gasoline accounts for 50% of carbon emissions in New England, and 27% of all energy consumed in the United States? Not only this translates to a high dependence on oil and gas resources for energy to drive your car but also means a higher carbon footprint at your end.
While you wouldn’t want to pay a high cost for your day to day commute, we bring a cost-effective and clean energy resource to charge your hybrid car.
Yes, Solar System Malaysia supercharges your drive with our extensive line of fast charging stations.

To make it super easy for you, we bring a Special Offer TODAY For Plug-In Hybrid Car Owners.  Charge your electric car through any on our super-fast electric charging stations at a reduced price at your home. This special discount is available for limited time only.
When you benefit from this special offer, you can also lock in a 20-year cost of power for your electric car as it will be powered by solar electric system.
So let’s ditch oil and gas companies and turn towards power that comes directly from the sun. Not only will you reduce your cost of owning and maintaining a car in the long run but will also be at peace that you are using clean energy that doesn’t harm your vehicle as well as the environment.

Get advantage of this special offer today.
For more information call us today at 014-6688551 or write to us at enquiry@solarsystemmalaysia.com


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