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How Solar Photovoltaic System Work

Solar energy’s popularity is consistently growing every year, along with the growth of different solar technologies such as Solar Thermal Systems and Solar Photovoltaic System, which is considered to be as one of the most popular.

Solar Photovoltaic System – The Most Proven Technology

Solar Photovoltaic System or solar PV or also called as solar cells, directly converts sunlight, a renewable energy, into electricity. Thousands of people in Malaysia (or millions around the world) use solar PV to power their home or even their businesses.

Traditional solar PVs are made of silicon which are usually flat-plate. It has the ability to power almost anything, from a small oven to TV, or even those electric cars around you. This is possible when the generated energy ran through an inverter, creating current, which will then be converted into electricity.

What You Can Expect?

Solar PV System is one of the most proven technology as it doesn’t have any moving parts, making it reliable for long-term energy production. Typically, solar PVs for homes are roof-mounted, but ground-mounted solar PVs are also possible for as long as there’s space.

Solar PVs are typically composed of four basic components: solar panel, solar inverter, solar PV battery storage, and solar charge controllers. It requires very little maintenance, and in some areas where there’s net metering, you can earn significant amount of profit from unused or excess electricity that are sent to the local grid, which you can eventually sell to your electricity provider.

What’s great about solar PV is its efficiency and ability to generate maximum electricity possible that is enough to power your home or your business. For this reason, solar technology has become one of the best investments you can embark into that offers long-term profit and guranteed ROI.

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