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Commercial Solar Lighting

Solar lighting has already been around for quite a few years to power street lights, but never really had a chance to move into commercial lighting not until the innovation in LED bulb design has begun. Because traditional lighting system (that uses batteries) can be very expensive, a little too complicated to install, and requires high maintenance, commercial solar lighting has become very popular among business owners around the world.

Solar Lighting for Commercial Use

Maintaining your business’ visibility through commercial sign lighting is important as it draws current and potential customers’ attention. However, since price of electricity is constantly increasing, most business and commercial establishment owners find commercial solar lighting or even the whole commercial solar system, as one of the most cost-effective ways to provide their lighting needs.

Commercial solar lighting is not just excellent in bringing light to your commercial signs; it’s also perfect for parking lots and industrial street lights. It also saves a lot of money for wiring systems and is much durable than the traditional lighting system. And as opposed to traditional electrical lights, commercial solar lighting actually has automatic light sensors, which distinguishes day and night. The lights will therefore automatically turn on when the sensors detect that there’s no longer enough sunlight, and will automatically turn off when enough sunlight is already available. This provides convenience on your part as you don’t have to manually switch on/off the lights in your property every time (but you still have the option to manually switch on/off the solar lights anytime you want).


Commercial Solar Lighting Cost

Traditional lighting system requires trenching and underground wiring. Therefore, the process will not just going to be very inconvenient, it’ll also be costly. And since your light fixtures are tied to an electric grid system, you will have to deal with high monthly electricity bill.

Those are some of the things associated with installing traditional lighting system. While it may be expensive to install standard electrical lighting, commercial solar lighting offers relatively low-cost solar lights, besides the fact that it’s very easy to install. In installing solar lighting system, you would have to consider costs for PV modules, batteries, power electronics, and installation. Therefore, total cost of commercial solar lighting depends on its type, the design you prefer, the light levels, the number of required lighting, and your location.


Whether you have a small, medium, or large sized business, having the perfect lighting adds value to your business. Aside from attracting attention, perfect commercial lighting creates a notion that you have a safer working environment, thus, brings more appeal to your customers’ eyes.

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