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What is RPVI and RPVSP?

Under the NEM 3.0 Programme of SEDA, companies can serve as investors or service providers to domestic consumers and entities. Such companies can either be classified as RPVI or RPVSP. To fully understand what is RPVI and RPVSP, the following explanations will be helpful.

RPVI, Explained

Under the NEM Programme, RPVI stands for Registered Solar PV Investor. A company able to obtain this classification registration is allowed to operate as an investor of the solar PV initiative, offering PPAs or Power Purchase Agreements and services on Solar Leasing.

Both local and foreign companies incorporated in Malaysia may function as RPVI under the NEM Programme. Local companies are permitted to take on solar PV projects of all capacities, while foreign companies are allowed to render only those solar services with capacities that exceed 250 kWac.

A further requirement for foreign companies is that local workers must comprise at least 80 percent of the total company workforce.

RPVSP, Explained

RPVSP, on the other hand, stands for Registered PV Service Provider. These are registered companies allowed to operate as service providers, specifically engaging in the supply, design, installation, testing, and consultation of a comprehensive solar PV system.

Various NEM quota targets are applicable for an RPVSP-registered company to be qualified under certain or specific categories:

  • Domestic: 100 kW minimum
  • Commercial: 500 kW minimum
  • Industrial: 1,000 kW
  • Agriculture: 50 kW



NEM Rakyat

Quota Balance: 90.89MW
Quota Taken 9.11MW



Quota Balance: 87.23MW
Quota Taken 12.77MW



Quota Balance: 77.42MW
Quota Taken 222.58MW

Quota Allocation

NEM 3.0 Initiative/programmeNEM RakyatNEM GoMEnNOVA
Year2021 – 2023
Total, MWac100100300
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