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Solar Panel Installers Malaysia

Solar PV installers in Malaysia provide valuable service to people who wanted to take advantage of the solar energy. While there are many good solar PV installation companies in this country, there are still a lot that are considered as “bad” at their field. With that being said, you, as the consumer, should be more careful on who you’re dealing with. For this reason, you might want to consider the following ideas in choosing the perfect solar panel installer:

“If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is”

Just like in any other industry, solar power industry also has “dishonest” parties who have no other interest but your money. They don’t care about your specific needs and they don’t care of whatever outcome their work may have. So then again, if it sounds too good to be true, might as well think again and do some research before you regret your decision.

An accredited solar panel installation company – To qualify for Malaysia FiT, one of the requirements is that your solar panels must be installed by an accredited and approved solar panel installation company. By saying this, it only means that the company should be accredited and approved not just by the Malaysian Government, but also by TNB.

Who’s going to perform the installation? – Know if it’s going to be the same person who’ll climb on to your roof to install the panels and the one who’ll sign on the paperwork.

An accredited solar panel installer – Aside from the company, the person who’s going to perform the installation should also be accredited. This is to ensure that the installation is done by a professional. You might want to get the person’s accreditation number to make sure that there’ll be someone who would address your concerns should there be any issues or problems.

The installer must know a bit about everything  – Since the solar panel installation company you chose will not only be responsible for the installation, but also in handling everything, from purchase of equipment (from trusted Solar Panel Manufacturers) to rebates or programs that you’re qualified for, then you’re not just looking for a typical handyman, you’re supposed to be looking for an expert.

Someone you trust and comfortable with – In order to generate more revenue, a lot of solar power service industries push their customers for additional services that might no longer necessary. If in any way you feel pressured or uncomfortable, don’t sign any contract and consider finding another installer where you can feel that you’ll be safe.

In choosing for the perfect installer, you must remember that the installer will definitely come and go after the project is complete while you will be living with the solar PV for quite a decade. For this reason, making sure that your needs are met and you get exactly what you’re looking for are the most important part of this whole installation process.
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