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NEM Calculator

The NEM calculator is a handy tool that allows you to calculate energy savings through the use of a solar PV installation on your premises.

NEM or Net Energy Metering is a solar incentive or initiative of the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia. It started in 2016 with the first-ever NEM initiative but gained more significant subscriptions only in 2019 when the “one-on-one” offset arrangement was begun.

Named NEM 2.0, this 2019 continuation (of the 2016 NEM) became fully subscribed to by December 31, 2020. The third iteration of NEM, aptly named NEM 3.0, is slated to run from 2021 to 2023.

How does the NEM Calculator work?

The NEM calculator will require that you choose your Tariff Group (Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, with specifications) and then for you to input your Building Type applicable within each Tariff Group.

To compare the costs of solar PV energy from grid electricity usage, the calculator will also ask that you provide your Average Electricity Bill Monthly (RM). Finally, you’ll also need to indicate whether you’re purchasing through an Outright Purchase mode or via Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

You may check out in full the handy NEM calculator here: https://services.seda.gov.my/nemcalculator/


NEM Rakyat

Quota Balance: 90.89MW
Quota Taken 9.11MW



Quota Balance: 87.23MW
Quota Taken 12.77MW



Quota Balance: 77.42MW
Quota Taken 222.58MW

Quota Allocation

NEM 3.0 Initiative/programmeNEM RakyatNEM GoMEnNOVA
Year2021 – 2023
Total, MWac100100300
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