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One of the categories of the NEM 3.0 initiative is the NEM GoMEn (Government Ministries and Entities) program, which is rooted in an effort to encourage the use of solar energy within government buildings, locations, or premises.

The concept of Programme NEM GoMEn is that government premises with solar PV installations must consume primarily the energy produced from such systems, while any excess solar energy will be channeled back to the grid. The “one-on-one” offset basis also applies to this category, for a period of ten years.

The NEM GoMEn program is beneficial in managing electricity tariffs or expenses, specifically for entities that consume huge amounts of electricity.

There are certain licensing requirements for the successful applications of NEM GoMEn, including the application checklist of documentary requirements, which are enumerated below.

Documentary checklist for Programme NEM GoMEn application:

  • Clear copy of most recent (past 3 months) electricity bills
  • A clear photo of the supply meter indicating the meter serial number
  • Certification of Registration from applicable/issuing authority
  • Documents on proof of ownership and right of use, such as the following: (1) Land title or sales and purchase agreement, (2) Lease agreement
  • SEDA Net Energy Metering (NEM) GoMEn Application Form, completely filled-up (Part 1, Section 2.1 and 2.2)
  • Duly signed SEDA Net Energy Metering (NEM) GoMEn Application Form (Part 6.1 Declaration)
  • TNB Net Energy Metering (NEM) GoMEn Application Form (2 sets; Part 4 NEM Consumer’s Declaration)
  • Net Energy Metering (NEM) Contract for GoMEn (2 sets, total of 15 pages, with initial indicated at the bottom right corner of each of the pages)
  • Duly signed ERS NEM Proposal
  • ST License Application registration form to Energy Commission (for installation exempted from the checklist on ST license application)
  • Checklist on ST License Application



NEM Rakyat

Quota Balance: 90.89MW
Quota Taken 9.11MW



Quota Balance: 87.23MW
Quota Taken 12.77MW



Quota Balance: 77.42MW
Quota Taken 222.58MW

Quota Allocation

NEM 3.0 Initiative/programmeNEM RakyatNEM GoMEnNOVA
Year2021 – 2023
Total, MWac100100300
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