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Solar Panel Brands

The following are some of the Solar Panel brands that are known to produce/supply highly efficient solar panels:

AEE Solar

The following are some of the Solar Panel brands that are known to produce/supply highly efficient solar panels:

Conergy Solar

pioneer in the photovoltaic industry and greatly helped in making solar power available to people around the world.

Global Solar

the company aims to bring solar to the people to integrate it into their homes and places of work.

Mitsubishi Solar

promotes widespread use of renewable energy source to save on energy costs and help protect the planet.

Schott Solar

offers PV systems that generates high energy yields for a long time.

Sanyo Solar

the company boasts their high conversion efficiency products, with excellent temperature characteristics, and considerable output under diffuse and low light conditions.


Sunlinq are trademarks of Global Solar Energy Inc. It produces lightweight, flexible, weatherproof, and durable products that are proven to be stable that provides higher efficiency solar cell technologies.

Aide Solar

producer of high efficiency solar cells, solar modules, indoor/outdoor LED lighting products, and etc.

Goal Zero

innovator of portable solar power systems that powers devices anytime, anywhere.

NB Solar

one of the world leaders in the production or mono and polycrystalline PV modules.


provides residential, commercial, and power plant solar solutions.

Alps Solar

delivers innovative PV technologies for building integration to generate renewable energy.

Hanwha Solar

the company identified solar energy as the key growth engine and promising power source for the future.

Panasonic Solar

develops state of the art structure of solar products that improve boundary characteristics and reduce power generation losses.

Schuco Solar

offers high-quality PV system solutions for residential homes, businesses, schools, municipalities, agriculture, and more.

Suntech Solar

develops, manufactures, and delivers reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions.


specializes in cutting-edge research, development, and production of solar modules.

CSun Solar

manufacturer of solar modules with extensive experience in the PV industry.

Helios Solar Works

manufactures high quality monocrystalline solar modules for solar electric systems use.

Perlight Solar

consistently providing high performance solar products that are subject to over half a dozen quality checks before being packaged.


one of the leaders in the design, production, and distribution of solar panels.


one of the solar industry’s premiere providers of solar energy solutions.

AUO Solar

one of the top manufacturers of TFT-LCD panels worldwide, dedicated to providing innovative, high-value products.

Dow Solar

offers products that are ready to greet sunlight, but are also ready to stand-up the wind, rain, fire, etc.

Hyundai Solar

developed its very own residential solar generation kit into a widely-used commercial brand.

Photon Energy

an innovative company dedicated to provide best class solar power solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, and applicable anywhere there’s sunlight.

Silex Power

a company that’s committed to provide alternative energy solutions by setting up power plants utilizing existing technology.

Tianwei Solar

engages in manufacturing and sales of PV cells, PV modules, PV systems, etc, that are guaranteed precise and highly efficient.

BenQ Solar

provides reliable and highly efficient total solar solutions to support residential, commercial, and utility client’s needs.


offers high quality solar products at manufacturer-direct prices.


one of the world leaders in the implementation of solar energy solutions based on PV technology.


develops and produces PV modules based on crystalline silicon technology for different types of application equipment for residential central ground.

Sharp Solar

produces durable solar panels for more than 50 years.

Trina Solar

helps their clients in their efforts to turn to clean and more reliable renewable energy by offering efficient and quality products.

Jinko Solar

producer of high quality crystalline ingots, wafers, cells, and mono and multicrystalline PV panels.

BP Solar

have built landmark projects and have installed various products in almost every corner of the world.


specialized in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of PV solar cells, PV solar modules, portable solar chargers, solar tracking system, and etc.


world’s leader in the development and manufacture of thin-film solar products and modules.

SolarTech Power

manufactures high quality residential solar products.

Tycon Power

designs and manufactures remote power systems for outdoor applications.


brings innovative and professional grade products in the market.

Kaneka Solar

develops and manufactures its own solar panels leveraging the company’s advanced materials knowledge and its competency as a chemical manufacturer for more than 60 years.

Q Cells

within just a few years, the company has evolved from a solar cell manufacturer to a leading PV enterprise.

Uni Solar

engaged in design, global sourcing, local distribution, manufacturing and sales of quality and environment-friendly solar powered products.

BYD Energy

committed to developing new green energy so has developed electric vehicles, energy storage stations, solar power stations, and other green energy products.

Evergreen Solar

specializes in wafers, cells and modules manufacture and the development.

Kyocera Solar

world leading supplier of environmentally sound solar electric energy solutions.

REC Solar Panels

leading manufacturer in the PV industry, transforming raw materials into high quality solar panels.

Solon Solar

provides intelligent system solutions for solar power plants.

Voltaic Systems

makers of products that produce and store their own power to run different devices anywhere.


one of the most trusted names when it comes to delivering strong and effective solar products for industrial applications.

First Solar

provider of comprehensive PV solar energy solutions that maximizes value and mitigate risks for clients.

LDK Solar

world’s largest producer of solar wafers in terms of capacity and a leading manufacturer of high purity polysilicon and solar module.

Risen Solar

started out as a manufacturer of lamp that turned into leading professional solar PV manufacturer providing world class quality of solar lamps, cell, and PV modules.

Stion Solar

manufacturer of high efficiency thin-film solar modules, making it an economical choice for large and commercial scale applications.

Westinghouse Solar

offers clean, contemporary look solar panels that complements any roof and style of home.


manufactures and distributes both solar and wind products where products ranging from solar panels and wind turbines to PV system components.

Canadian Solar

one of the leading providers of ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar modules, solar power systems, and specialized solar products.

Galaxy Energy

the company’s goal is to develop and market new and renewable energy products and systems.

LG Solar

with over 20 years of cutting edge research and world class development of the company’s superior products, including LG Electronic Modules.

Ritek Solar

dedicated to the PV product development and is professional to the production of solar systems and system deployment.

Yingli Solar

one of the world’s largest fully vertically integrated PV manufacturers.

GE Solar Panels

the company is currently pursuing various projects that will make large-scale solar installations simple and affordable.

Lumos Solar

the company’s products are designed to make solar integration easier for the installers and more appealing on the part of the business or home owners.

Samsung Solar

products are known to undergone strict quality control, making the company world-class solar products manufacturer.


manufacturer of high-efficiency crystalline silicon PV solar cells and high power solar modules.

ET Solar

committed to developing highly efficient and affordable solar energy products in both technologically and commercially innovative ways.


one of the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world for more than 35 years, making the company one of the industry leaders.

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