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Most Efficient Solar Panels

What you may initially hear from a lot of people who are planning to install solar PVs are these questions:

Which is the most efficient solar panel?“, or “Which brand is the best?“.

Asking these questions is natural especially if you have plans to invest on it. Searching for the perfect solar panel is what we all want; those that are efficient enough to produce enough power to generate electricity. For this reason, the following list of the most efficient solar panel in international solar PV industry is made to help you decide which would be the best for your needs. (The following lists were made by Solar Plaza and were first published on December 2011 and March 2012 respectively. Manufacturers in Malaysia may or may not be included in the list, but that doesn’t make their products less efficient.) World’s Most Efficient Solar PV Modules (Polycrystalline) *published December 12, 2011

World’s Most Efficient Solar PV Modules (Polycrystalline)

*published December 12, 2011
Manufacturer Module Efficiency Module


Cell Efficiency Cell Type
Solland Solar 16.00% Sunweb 60 cells polycrystalline Si, Sunweb
Siliken 15.70% SLK72P6L-305 18.33% 72 polycrystalline 156x156mm
LDK Solar 15.67% LDK-200P-24(s) 72 (6×12) polycrystalline silicon solar cells 125×125 mm
Vikram 15.63% Eldora 280 (300) 72 pcs poly-crystalline solar cells (156x156mm), 2BB & 3BB
Wiosun 15.54% E300P 17.12% 72 x 156x156mm polycrystalline
A2peak 15.50% P3-235-60 (250) 60 polycrystalline 3 bus bar solar cells, 156x156mm
CNPV solar 15.40% CNPV-300P 17.10% 72 cells (156×156 mm) in a 6×12 matrix connected in series
Latitude Solar 15.30% Latitude P6-60/6 (250) Polycrystalline, 60 pcs, 156 x 156 mm
JA Solar 15.29% JAP6-60-250 60 polycrystalline 156x156mm
China Sunergy 15.24% CSUN295-72P

World's Most Efficient Solar PV (Monocrystalline Cells)

*published March 27, 2012
Manufacturer Cell Efficiency Cell Type Size
Sunpower 22.5% Maxeon Cell Technology 130×130 mm
Sanyo Electric 20.2% HIT Solar Cell Structure 110×110 mm
JA Solar 20.0% JAC M6SL Secium 156×156 mm
Suntech 19.7% Pluto Cell 156×156 mm
Suniva 19.4% ARTisun Select 156×156 mm
Shinsung Solar Energy 19.4% SH-1940S3 156×156 mm
E-Ton 19.3% Mono Cell 3BB 156×156 mm
Motech 19.2% XS156B3-200R X-Cells 156×156 mm
Neo Solar Power 19.2% Perfect 19 156×156 mm
Solartech Energy 19.1% SR-156-3 156×156 mm
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