Commerical Solar Design & Installation

Since every home or every business establishment or property is different, finding the right design and installation team is very much important when planning to install Solar PVs. The team should be knowledgeable enough, quick, and should be one of the best solar system companies in the industry. The best solar system company should closely work with you to know and meet your particular financial goal, your energy needs, as well as your preferred architectural style. The company should also make sure that your installation site will be capable of handling your desired system site, that the location of the array should be in a place where there’s minimized shading from any adjacent structures, and that the roof (if it’s the installation site) is properly sealed to prevent any roofing problems.

Solar System Malaysia Designs and Installs Quality Solar PV Systems

At Solar System Malaysia, we fully understand solar and we know the basic principles when designing and installing quality solar PV systems. Our team of most EXPERIENCED electrical engineers will provide you with a solution that meets your specific needs. We also make sure that your system’s design is in compliance with all the electrical and building codes and that it meets the local utility interconnection requirements. And depending upon your current financial situation, we can guide you to various financial options (for companies) and guarantee you that you’ll receive the maximum tax credits and ongoing income to ensure highest return on your investment.

Guaranteed High-Performance Design

With your specific needs in mind, our experienced designers design a system that produce more energy for faster ROI. Our broad experience in the industry enables us to do this to provide you with the best solution that will meet your unique needs, no matter how big or small these needs may be. By providing the highest quality with every solar system that we design and install, we’ve been considered as one of the best in the country. So, why settle for anything less when you can get the most professional team from us today. Call us now and let us know your solar system needs.