Residential Solar Financing Companies

Financing For Residential Installations

If you have decided to go solar and assuming you don’t have the cash to buy a solar PV system today, then opting for a flexible financing plan makes total sense. The variety of flexible plans we offer will enable you to easily start generating your own electricity. Such financing options will work for your home for up to 12, 24 or even 36 monthly installments.
And the best part?
You can get them fast with zero interest rate.
Solar System Malaysia partners with the following banks to bring to you interest free instalment plans for your home. The respective terms and conditions apply.
• Public Bank, Flexipay Plan
• Maybank, EzyPay
• OCBC bank, IPP & EPP
Regardless of the financing option you choose, know that the solar PV system installed will add value to your home.
So don’t think twice instead start generating your own electricity today with the option that suits you the most.
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