NEM Assembly Study & Charges

Net metering policies have been designed to give users credit on their utility bills for generating more electricity than they use at the full retail electricity rates. That is, net energy metering helps consumers account for these excess energy by crediting consumers for the excess electricity their panels produce for future use.

However, NEM Assessment Study (NEMAS) report is a compulsory requirement for NEM application to SEDA Malaysia. Relevant distribution licensee such as the TNB or SESB shall be responsible for conducting this study whose requirement is based on kWp of installation as seen in the table below:

Capacity InstalledRequired Study
Fee of Study (RM)
1 – 12 kWp
> 12 kWp – 180 kWp
> 180 kWp – 425 kWp
> 425 kWp – 1 MWp