Solar Panel for Home

  • Fixed solar panel mounts – simplest and cheapest type solar panel mounting system; not moving and always facing the equator.

Solar Panel for Home

Solar Energy Panels are renewable energy resource that generates power or energy from the sun to convert it into electricity. It doesn’t require any moving parts, it has no emission, does not require extreme maintenance.

Solar panel is the first component of a solar system, which is a collection of silicon cells. It may contain up to 36 silicon cells wired in series for a typical 12 volt solar panel, which about 25 by 54 inches in size and can produce about 17 volts output. During battery charging, however, 17 volts drops from 12-14volts, resulting to up to 100 watts for a 25 by 54 inches panel.

To increase current capacity and to generate more power, you may want to have multiple solar panels, which can be wired in parallel.

Types of Solar Panels

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels – considered as the most efficient but also most expensive solar panel. It’s made of monocrystalline cells and uses pure silicon, involving a complex crystal growth process.
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels – also called as multi-crystalline, these are made of polycrystalline cells and is considered as less expensive, but also less efficient compared to monocrystalline cells. With this type of solar panel, cells are grown in a large block of many crystals instead of growing in single crystals. This gives it a striking shattered glass look.
  • Amorphous solar panels – these are thin layers of silicon and are not really crystals. This type of solar panel is considered as the cheapest, but energy efficiency is also lesser, requiring more square foot of panels to generate more power.

Types of Solar Panel Mounting System

  • Adjustable solar panel mounts – angles cab be changed; tilt can be set according to season.
  • Tracking solar panel mounts – follow the sun’s path during the day to maximize solar radiation; most efficient but also expensive.

How Solar Panels are Classified

Today’s solar panel prices depend on the following aspects:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Unique performance