Why Solar?

A lot of people around the world are convinced that solar energy is one of the best solutions to our current challenges in energy as well as in climate change. There may be various of reasons for different people why they go solar, but it all comes down to few reasons such as:

Lowers-down electricity bill. 

One of the few good reasons why a lot of people go solar is that it cuts-down electricity bill. Because the energy generated from the sun is totally free, you may convert as many appliances as possible to use this generated energy, and yet may still have significant savings in your electricity expenses. Use our solar power calculator to find out how much you can save from generating your own electricity.

A great source of renewable energy

The electricity that we mostly use today is typically generated from fossil fuel, which is sooner or later will eventually run out. Solar energy is a great alternative to replace this fossil fuel energy to renewable energy as the sun’s energy has no limit and could supply an infinite electricity generation.


Since solar energy is clean compared to what fossil fuel emits, it significantly reduces pollution, and thus, greatly helps in saving the earth because the energy generated from the sun by solar panels does not produce carbon dioxide, radioactive wastes, and other air pollutants.

It offers incentives

In Malaysia and in other countries, going solar provides various incentives for renewable energy technologies. Depending on the type of technology and on its size, you may take advantage on various FiT incentives that the government and/or the electricity company provides.

No, or at least low maintenance cost

A solar system installed could last up to 30 years without causing a major technical problem. Yes, you may need to clean the system and check on it every once in a while, but that doesn’t require a very high maintenance cost. This gives you the assurance that you will not be spending a large amount of money just on maintaining your system’s performance.


Because the sun will likely to be around for billions of years, you may expect that you will be able to generate energy to supply your home with enough electricity for many years.

Introduction to Solar Energy

Most countries around the world use electricity that are generated from fossil fuel – fossil fuel which are either natural gas, coal, or oil. But with the rise of environmental concerns, plus the fact that energy generated from these traditional energy sources may soon run out, making it significantly expensive, many people from around the world are already considering alternative energy sources such as solar energy to generate electricity.

Today, solar energy generation is getting increasingly important as an alternative to conventional energy generation from fossil fuel. This is because solar power generates renewable energy, which are limitless, as opposed to fossil fuel which are only limited resources.

Solar Energy in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the countries in the world that fight against climate change. The country’s committed to reducing the carbon emissions brought by fossil fuel and has envisioned Green Technology to help conserve the environment for future generations.

Truth is, solar technology isn’t that new anymore. As early as the 7th Century, the early civilization already know how to produce solar power by concentrating the sun’s heat with mirrors to light fire. Over the years, solar technology has been developed to be used as renewable energy source to supply electricity at a lower cost.

Solar power market is rapidly growing despite its cost. Because it has a longer life-span compared to other technologies, guarantees long-term profit once it’s installed, and a great renewable energy source, more and more individuals plan to install solar technology to generate renewable energy that would be enough to power up your home or your business.