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Solar Water Heater System Malaysia

Planning to install solar water heaters? We offer reliable systems at affordable solar water heater Malaysia prices.

We have been in the solar power business for over 30 years!

If you need to source clean hot water daily without spending a fortune on electricity bills, solar energy is your answer. Installing a solar water heater in Malaysia is cost-effective for homeowners and business operators alike. And with various solar water heating options available, finding the system that works for you should be easy!

Here at Go Solar, we offer a wide range of solar system products and services. We offer solar panels, solar panels set-up, FIT program installations, and top solar heater manufacturer brands. Some of the best solar water heaters in Malaysia come from brands such as Summer, HeatFirst, Kinetico, and Meru.

Why Go for Solar Power Water Heater Malaysia?

From convenience to supplier availability, the reasons to install a solar water heater system are many.

The first is on availability and sustainability. Solar water heaters source heat from the sun. For as long as the sun is able to give off heat, you can source hot water at any time.

Second, with the availability of suppliers, installing a solar water heater can be done by professionals. If you’re looking for “solar water heater dealers near me”, finding one should be convenient and stress-free.

The final reason is on environmental benefits. Harnessing the sun’s power means no longer relying on fossil fuels. This consequently reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions which are harmful to the environment.

How Do Solar Water Heaters Work?

Typically, solar panel collectors are used in heating. Two types of solar water heating panels utilize either evacuated tubes or flat plate collectors. Collectors are fitted into the roof to collect heat from the sun for heating water stored in cylinders. In cases where generated heat is insufficient for preferred heating, boilers or immersion heaters may be used to back up the heat.

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