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Net Metering Testing & Commissioning Requirement

When it comes to net metering testing, following tests are required.

  1.  Inverter compliance test
     NEM consumer is required to comply that the inverter units are according to the  requirements of the guidelines. The certified results of the compliance test have  to be submitted for verification.
  1.  Interconnection compliance tests
    Before going ahead with commissioning, it’s required you test the interconnection to ensure the performance meets the standard requirements. Plus also double check that installations are in line with the approved schemes, settings are made as per approvals etc.
    You need to ensure the connections of your indirect Solar PV power generation system plan doesn’t have any negative affect to Distribution Licensee’s grid operation.

Following items will be tested during the commissioning process.

  • Equipment functional tests
  • Interlocking scheme (if any)
  • Anti-islanding on loss of mains
  • Power Quality measurement

Commissioning Tests

NEM consumers are required to hire  a competent person, a qualified tester, to perform commissioning tests of the installation.

Also, the test equipment being used must have a valid calibration certificate.

Commissioning of LV Connection

When connections are situated on a long feeder, pay special attention to the voltage level for both low load and peak load. It’s needed because such a condition could result in the voltage to rise beyond the normal capacity during low load period.

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