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Maximizing Your Solar Power Output

Panels full of Dust effects the power output

One of the most efficient ways to generate electricity for your home or your business is solar panels. However, there may come to a point when you lose some of solar power, which may be due to a lot of factors. Some of the most common factors are:

  • Resistance in the wires when panels are hooked up to a battery
  • Connection of solar cells
  • Accumulation of dirt on solar panels

The accumulation of dirt on solar panels (as shown in the image above) is one of the most common factors why you lose some solar power. Although solar panels do not require extensive maintenance, still, the dirt accumulated on it may still affect its performance. This also includes tree debris, bugs, dust build-up, mold, water spots, and a lot more.

For this reason, solar PV manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of your panels as solar clouding (panel soiling) reduces directly the generating output of your PV modules. According to SEPA (Solar Electric Power Association), accumulation of dust, dirt, and other residues declines PV electricity output up to 10% while you may lose up to 20% of solar power if the panels are placed in areas where urban dust from farming operations or bird droppings are common.

The good news is you may still avoid losing solar power just by performing an annual or bi-annual cleaning of the surfaces of your panels. By doing this, you’re eliminating your panel efficiency losses, thus, avoiding lost of your revenues, too.

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