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Sunny Island 6.0H

Sunny Island 6.0H

Are you looking for a truly trouble-free, self sufficient and reliable electrical supply? If yes, then the Sunny Island 6.0H is your best option. It is extremely robust, easy to understand, and delightfully flexible. It uses the proven OptiUse operating concept and makes installation, commissioning and day-to-day use easier than ever. It is robust in nature, apt to be used even in critical situations and places with high temperatures, and humidity.

  • Optibat battery management
  • Optiuse easy to operate
  • Optipower load and energy management
  • Robust for global use
Operation on the utility grid or generator
Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range230 V / 172.5 V to 264.5 V
Rated grid frequency / permitted frequency range50 Hz / 40 Hz to 70 Hz
Maximum AC current for increased self-consumption (grid operation)20 A
Maximum AC power for increased self-consumption (grid operation)4,6 kVA
Maximum AC input current50 A
Maximum AC input power11,500 W
Stand-alone or emergency power operation
Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range230 V / 202 V to 253 V
Rated frequency / frequency range (adjustable)50 Hz / 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Rated power (at Unom, fnom / 25°C / cos ϕ = 1)4,600 W
AC power at 25°C for 30 min / 5 min / 3 sec6,000 W / 6,800 W / 11,000 W
AC power at 45°C permanently3,700 W
Rated current / maximum output current (peak)20 A / 120 A
Total harmonic distortion output voltage / power factor at rated power< 4 % / -1 to +1
Battery DC input
Rated input voltage / DC voltage range48 V / 41 V to 63 V
Maximum battery charging current / rated DC charging current / DC discharging current110 A / 90 A / 103 A
Battery type / battery capacity (range)Li-Ion*, FLA, VRLA /
100 Ah to 10,000 Ah (lead-acid)
50 Ah to 10,000 Ah (Li-Ion)
Charge controlIUoU charge procedure with automatic full charge and equalization charge
Efficiency / self-consumption of the device
Maximum efficiency96%
No-load consumption / standby26 W / 7 W
General data
Dimensions (W / H / D)467 mm / 612 mm / 242 mm
(18.4 inch / 21.1 inch / 9.5 inch)
Weight63 kg (138.9 lb)
Operating temperature range-25°C to +60°C
(-13°F to +140°F)
Protection class as per IEC 62103IP54
Climatic category as per IEC 607213K6
Degree of protection as per IEC 60529IP54
  • Sunny Remote Control
  • Speed wire data module / Modbus TCP
  • RS485 Piggy-Back
  • Multi-cluster Piggy-Back
  • Sunny Island Charger Piggy-Back
  • Adapter cable
  • Battery fuse boxes
  • Battery cable sets
  • Sensor Resistors
  • Replacement battery temperature sensor
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