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Sunny Island 8.0H

Sunny Island 8.0H

The all-new Sunny Island 8.0H allows you hassle-free installation, commissioning, and regular use extremely easy, thanks to the OptiUse operating technology. It works with OptiBattery management system to maximize battery life and increase endurance. It has a sturdy built which makes it perfect for global use, and offers planned precision due to its flexibility.

Operation on the utility grid or generator
Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range230 V / 172.5 V to 264.5 V
Rated grid frequency / permitted frequency range50 Hz / 40 Hz to 70 Hz
Maximum AC current for increased self-consumption (grid operation)26 A
Maximum AC power for increased self-consumption (grid operation)6 kVA
Maximum AC input current50 A
Maximum AC input power11,500 W
Stand-alone or emergency power operation
Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range230 V / 202 V to 253 V
Rated frequency / frequency range (adjustable)50 Hz / 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Rated power (at Unom, fnom / 25°C / cos ϕ = 1)6,000 W
AC power at 25°C for 30 min / 5 min / 3 sec8,000 W / 9,100 W / 11,000 W
AC power at 45°C permanently5,430 W
Rated current / maximum output current (peak)26 A / 120 A
Total harmonic distortion output voltage / power factor at rated power< 4 % / -1 to +1
Battery DC input
Rated input voltage / DC voltage range48 V / 41 V to 63 V
Maximum battery charging current / rated DC charging current / DC discharging current140 A / 115 A /130 A
Battery type / battery capacity (range)Li-Ion*, FLA, VRLA /
100 Ah to 10,000 Ah (lead-acid)
50 Ah to 10,000 Ah (Li-Ion)
Charge controlIUoU charge procedure with automatic full charge and equalization charge
Efficiency / self-consumption of the device
Maximum efficiency96%
No-load consumption / standby26 W / 7 W
General data
Dimensions (W / H / D)467 mm / 612 mm / 242 mm
(18.4 inch / 21.1 inch / 9.5 inch)
Weight63 kg (138.9 lb)
Operating temperature range-25°C to +60°C
(-13°F to +140°F)
Protection class as per IEC 62103IP54
Climatic category as per IEC 607213K6
Degree of protection as per IEC 60529IP54
  • Sunny Remote Control
  • Speed wire data module / Modbus TCP
  • RS485 Piggy-Back
  • Multi-cluster Piggy-Back
  • Sunny Island Charger Piggy-Back
  • Adapter cable
  • Battery fuse boxes
  • Battery cable sets
  • Sensor Resistors
  • Replacement battery temperature sensor
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