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Sunny Mini Central 5000A

Sunny Mini Central 5000A

The Sunny Mini Central 5000A is ideal to be installed wherever galvanic isolation is required. It can be used for different types of connections universally. Hence, it can be used with crystalline cells as well as thin-film modules. The Sunny Mini Central 5000A has passed complex performance testing to become more competent and offer the highest degree of flexibility in plant design. It comes integrated with ESS DC switch-disconnector for better safety and is ideal for three phase systems.

  • OptiCool active temperature management
  • OptiTrac MPP tracking for best tracking efficiency
  • SUNCLIX DC connection system
  • It is suitable for grounding the generator
Input (DC)
Max. DC power (@ cos ϕ =1)5750 W
Max. DC voltage600V
MPP voltage range246 V - 480 V
DC nominal voltage270 V
Min. DC voltage / start voltage211 V / 300 V
Max. input current / per string26 A / 26 A
Number of MPP trackers / strings per MPP tracker4/1
Output (AC)
AC nominal power (@ 230 V, 50 Hz)5000 W
Max. AC apparent power5500 VA
Nominal AC voltage; range220, 230, 240 V;
180 V - 260 V (262 V**)
AC grid frequency; range50, 60 Hz; ± 4.5 Hz
Max. output current26 A
Power factor (cos ϕ )1
Phase conductors / connection phases / power balancing1 / 1 /●
Max. efficiency / Euro-eta96.1 % / 95.3 %
General data
Dimensions (W / H / D) in mm468 / 613 / 242
Weight62 kg
Operating temperature range–25 °C ... +60 °C
Noise emission (typical)≤ 42 dB(A)
Internal consumption (night)0.25 W
TopologyLF transformer
Cooling conceptOptiCool
Electronics protection rating / connection area (as per IEC 60529)IP65 / IP65
Climatic category (per IEC 60721-3-4)4K4H
  • RS485 interface of type 485PB-NR
  • SMA Power Balancer Plug connector PBL-SMC- 10-NR
  • Bluetooth® Piggy Back
  • Grounding set Positive ESHV-P-NR
  • Grounding set Negative ESHV-P-NR
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