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Applying for FiA (Solar PV Installation)

Feed in Approval for Solar Pv Step by Step Process:

The following are the step by step process on how you can apply for Feed in Approval if you’re planning to install Solar PV system:

Step 1: Conduct a research on having a Solar PV system installed; make sure that you understand everything you need to know about Feed in Tariff Malaysia such as the FiT rules, criteria, and RE quota before you agree to have it installed. (check out SEDA’s website for more information)

Step 2: If you don’t own the property where the system will be installed, have the property owner make a letter of intent to install the PV system; check with your local government other requirements, if there are any.

Step 3: Apply for FiA and submit application forms whether manually or online.

Once Approved:

Step 1: Sign your agreement (Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement) with Distribution Licensee and register the signed agreement with SEDA Malaysia.

Step 2: Sign the financing agreement and fulfill the conditions to 1st drawdown.

Step 3: Have your service provider begin and complete the system installation.

Step 4: Have your Feed in Tariff meter installed.

Step 5: Accomplish Acceptance Test (which are verified and certified by a qualified person).

Step 6: Notify SEDA Malaysia and Distribution Licensee on the FiT commencement date and start the FiT duration.

Step 7: Begin your monthly meter readings; Distribution Licensee will then issue you (as the FiA holder) advice on your monthly payment after your meter was read; 30 days after you received your payment advice, you will receive your FiT payment from the Distribution Licensee.

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